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Just Released June 10, 2017

Simple Man Released

Learn How to Love

Release Date:    April 20, 2017

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Dreaming, believing and faith that can move a mountain is what longhaired ( gifted, devoted to the arts, performer, songwriter), Troy Danielz expresses through his lyrics and songs. Experiencing extreme emotions and mania which comes with Bipolar/Schizoaffective Disorder has been a gift and blessing, a rather far cry from the perceived stigma that comes with mental illness. It has been the catalyst for writing songs and performing them with a deep passion from within that can only be expressed from someone who has been there and felt that.   Troy has been featured on many televised programs including, Roger’s daytime show with Melanie Case, where she said “So much passion in that song,” and “You’re so at home on the stage, I can tell, it exudes out of you”.   He was also spotlighted on Georgian Bay Arts, where he closed with, “ Go to bed with peace in your heart, and when you wake up in the morning…Dream Big”.  Recently Troy got media attention for his story with Mental Illness and innoviCares a free supplemental patient benefit plan.  His story was featured in The National Globe and Mail in October 2014.  With his first released single Simple Man, Troy brings an infusion of acoustic, and electric guitar as well as catchy lyrics that hook his audience into replay mode. “You did an amazing job and I am still singing “Simple Man” – I just can’t seem to get it out of my head!” quoted a local town councilor.  An avid comic fan, Troy teamed up with Dan Hammond who illustrated his single cover for Simple Man and his newest release Learn How to Love too.  Troy served in the Canadian Armed Forces, in the naval element and proudly served his country.  Now a Veteran, Troy is still passionate about the Canadian Armed Forces and the many members, who are actively serving, and especially to our Veterans who served our country, our Canada.  Troy aspires that with his music he can be a voice, and encourage others who suffer with mental illness to DREAM. https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TroyDanielz

T r o y    D A N I E L Z

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Simple Man  #2 on Christian Radio Charts CRC